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Childbirth Education:

Private in home sessions are available for those who find it hard to clear a weekend of their calendar for an intensive or for many working families where evening classes are not possible. Simone is crossed certified through Lamaze and Doula Trainings International as a Certified Childbirth Educator. Simone brings knowledge of various practices around labor and birth, honoring the partner's involvement as well as the birthing person's autonomy in decision making and advocacy. Simone pulls from meditation, visualization, evidence-based information, and empowering families to make informed decisions. Group sessions available at 


Breastfeeding Support Group:

As a fellow mom, Simone has found the value of peer to peer support. Aside from her own experiences, Simone has worked with WIC as a breastfeeding peer counselor as well as being a member of her community La Leche League and Chocolate Milk Cafe chapter. Come and enjoy being with other nursing parents, sharing experience and knowledge. Despite nursing being natural it is not always easy and this group welcomes those coming from the various relationships to nursing.

1st Mondays 5:30-7 Virtual Support Chocolate Milk Cafe Charlotte


Newborn Care and Preparation:

Whether a first time parent or needing a refresher, come join me as I discuss various aspects of newborn care from the 5 S's, reading your newborn cues, normal newborn behavior and preparing the nursery. The different types of parenting will be discussed, baby wearing in detail in regards to carriers, slings and wraps and community resources given.


Back to Work Pumping Class:

Managing returning back to work alongside achieving your nursing goal can be confusing and challenging. Take part in an class to walk you through pumping, storing and bottle feeding a breastfed baby.

Infant Sleep Education:

When will my baby sleep through the night? When can I drop night time feeds? These are some common questions we navigate in this class that addresses sleep schedules, calming techniques, ‘normal’ sleep patterns for a baby and creating balance to achieve family health and wellness. Simone wants to set the stage for healthy sleep habits so your baby can grow up knowing that bedtime is a safe and peaceful time. This group class will provide the science behind infant sleep and support to guide you through every step of gentle parenting. 

Wise Womban Doula offers a wide variety of education throughout NYC, in person classes to educate and support you prenatally, to prepare for birth and your postpartum. 


All classes and workshops offered  have virtual options. 

She blends her vast knowledge of women's health with a very down to earth, friendly approach.Simone is very personal and never seems to be in a rush, which is such a welcome delight in New York City!​



As a first-time Dad, I was very nervous about the process of childbirth. Having somebody to ask questions -- sometimes, the same questions over & over again was helpful.



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