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Some may think the postpartum time ends when you go for your 6 or 8 week checkup, however in many cultures postpartum can be considered as long as you have a babe to your breast and in others it is considered to be the amount of time that is needed to recover from childbirth, bond with your baby and re-establish your family unit. Across the world maternity leave ranges from months to a year with security of one's position , paternity leave is given and honored with numerous resources for the new family. If you pick various countries from across the world you will find numerous traditions for a new mom and baby to be pampered and well supported.


Coming home from the hospital with a newborn can be intimidating to many new parents as well. Many find it helpful to have support at home in order to support both parents with rest and other new parent planning. Common doula support can include;

Newborn feeding support

Pumping and Back To Work Transition


Safe sleep & Bedtime Routines

Newborn care: bath time, umbilical cord care etc.

Some may also find it helpful once friends and families leave after those early weeks.


My postpartum package includes a minimum of a 12 hour booking to be used in the first weeks post delivery. Care is dependent on the needs of the family and extended hours can be discussed. This also includes overnight postpartum doula support. Overnight support is offered in 8-12 hours increments and this can be custom tailored for your family. 


"At this time of transition, parents may have questions about newborn care, need support with breastfeeding, meal preparation or sibling support if there is an older child. A post-partum doula can be the helping hand during this time to give reassurance, guidance and a set of helping hands." 

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Food is love. Food is healing. The days after delivery, nourishment is so essential to the recovery of not only the mother but the whole family unit.


Meal preparation can be done multiple ways from a meal train to myself or helping with a grocery list, shopping and preparing either a freezer stock or easy to heat/eat meals.


Allergies and breastfeeding nutrition would be discussed prior. 

This ancient tradition is the process of binding the hips and abdomen to help seal the warmth in the body after childbirth and close the muscles.


This helps to strengthen the core and can assist with diastis recti, or the prolonged separation of the abdomen walls which can appear as a “pooch” in many post-partum women due to poor muscle control after delivery.


Various materials, patterns and lengths are available.

These herbal steam baths are great self-care remedies for overall feminine health, whether after ones cycle or childbirth.


The steam provides herbal benefits such as cleansing the uterine walls, ridding the body of stagnant or incomplete menses and passing lochia after delivery.


Herbs are specific to their benefits in regards to feminine health such as infertility and painful menses. Steams can contain as many as one may like.

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